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happy halloween…

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Nike Air Force 1 High Premium “OhSiOC 2012”

color: iguana/ black/ summer blue

material: nubuck/ ballistic rubber/ leather

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November 2007, a group of classmates invited me on a day trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art with MassArt and Design. The following morning, jumped on a bus, and West on MassPike we went. Arriving in no time, the city was visually more than I’d imagined. Music videos, magazines, the internet did no justice. As most of the group actually went for the museum, I viewed it as an opportunity to explore a place I’d never been but always wanted to go. It felt as if I’d been there before…a dream, a fantasy, a past life. 

I’ve been to four cities in my life other than my own. San Juan, Montreal, Miami, Philadelphia, all beautiful cities with lots of culture, pride, and tradition. What makes a city to me are the people in it. How passionate they are, creative, hard working, or how happy they are to be where they’re from and where they are now. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you’re somewhere doin’ your thing, pursuing your happiness, working toward being the person you want to be, it just makes the city you live in and are voluntary or involuntary representing, that much better of a place. I don’t think I have to go to another city in the world to know where I was, was as good as it gets. I’ve gone back nearly every other month since.

Born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts currently living in Boston…I represent for mine, but show love and appreciate those who do the same. The birth place of Hip Hop, one of basketballs most praised playgrounds, the sneaker capital of the world. New York City, respect and salute. -OhSiOC

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Zoom Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

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Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium “OhSiOC 2012”

color: wheat/ black/ solar red

material: nubuck/ ballistic rubber/ leather

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Zoom brownie anyone?

brownie anyone?

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Zoom termanology: 50 bodies pt. 4

termanology: 50 bodies pt. 4

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Zoom happy easter…for dessert, mint candy.

happy easter…for dessert, mint candy.

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Zoom tip off, miami heat vs. boston celtics.

tip off, miami heat vs. boston celtics.

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